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Two easy and convenient ways (email or call)

First you can email the information to us:

Please be as specific as possible. 


Subject: Place a Service Call Request or Speak to a Technician Request.

Contact Information: XYZ Company located at: 111 Main Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23464

Contact Person: Abe can be reached at: 555-555-1212 extension: 100

Machine Type: Copier, Laser Printer, Paper Shredder, Typewriter, etc..,

Make and Model: HP (Hewlett Packard) 4345 MFP

Problems: Making a loud grinding noise. Lines are also showing on the copy.

Urgency: This is our only unit in that area and we want to escalate the service call. We need you here in 30 seconds or less... can you do it? Or: We have a back-up machine and anytime in the next couple of days would be fine. 

Second you can call and give the information to a humanoid in the service department at: 757-484-5644 (option 2) or 855-YouFoundUs (option 2). 

If you would like to speak to a Technician prior to placing a Service Call, follow the above directions with: "Speak to a Technician Request" in the subject line and the Technician for your specific type of equipment will call you back. 

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We have Experienced Technicians to repair most office equipment, including but not limited to: 

3D Printers

Cash Registers


Dictation Equipment

Document Destruction Devices

Document Scanners

Dot Matrix Printers


Facsimile Machines

Fax Machines


Ink Printers

Inkjet Printers

Lamination Machines


Large Format Printers

Laser Printers



Multi-Function Printers

Paper Folders

Paper Shredders


Postage Meters




Thermal Printers


*This is not a complete listing. 

**Call or email if you do not see your specific type of equipment listed. 

We provide the best name brands; OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Brands, Special LBS (Lathrops Business Systems) Brands, New Compatible Brands, Regular Compatible Brands and Premium Remanufactured Brands of Parts, Fusers, Rollers, Feed Kits, Assemblies, Maintenance Kits, Toners, Laser Cartridges, Copy Cartridges, Inks, Drums, Drum Cartridges, Developers, Ribbons, MICR (Magnetic Image Character Recognition), and much more in stock and ready for delivery or for one of our Technicians to install for you.

Serving Communities, Businesses and Government Since February 1990. 

Service * Supplies * Sales * Rentals * Consulting