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Lathrop’s Business Systems was founded in February of 1990. We are very thankful for 25 years of serving our customers and the office equipment industry. As you can imagine, things were very different then. We serviced the old and the new equipment then as we do now. Then, the old was Liquid Copiers, Spirit Duplicators and Mimeograph Machines and the new was Laser Printers just getting a foothold in offices. The stories we could tell about some of those old and wonderful machines. Fast forward to today and you will see a similar looking office with completely different kinds of office equipment. It might have been hard to believe 25 years ago that 3D printers would be getting a foothold in some offices the way the first laser printers did so many years ago. Today you may notice we are one of the few companies with 3D Printers and their Filaments available. Yes, we not only sell 3D Printers, but we also service and have supplies for them. It has been interesting and sometimes challenging to remain current and up to date with all of the new processes and technologies, but it has also been a lot of fun. We enjoy what we do and we hope it shows in all of our products and services. Our goal is to have every product or service you may need, in stock and ready to deliver directly to you or ready for one of our Technicians to install for you. We want to earn your business and become your preferred supplier. We provide OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Brands, Special LBS (Lathrop’s Business Systems) Brands, New Compatible Brands, Regular Compatible Brands and Premium Remanufactured Brands of Toners, Laser Cartridges, Copy Cartridges, Inks, Drums, Drum Cartridges, Developers, Ribbons, MICRs (Magnetic Image Character Recognition), Parts, Fusers, Rollers, Feed Kits,  Assemblies, Maintenance Kits and much more in stock and ready for our technicians to install for you or to ship directly to you utilizing our main local warehouse as well as duplicate warehouses strategically placed throughout the United States. Our customers appreciate the timely delivery of merchandise, the large inventory of products ready to ship or install, the personalized service and the competitive prices. We specialize in saving time and money for all size companies, including Federal and State Agencies. We are the leader in environmentally friendly, cost effective solutions. In the past many companies offered their customers a choice between environmental stewardship and cost effectiveness. We have been able to offer the best of both with quality, innovation and reliability. The best way to learn more about us is to try our products and services.

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We have been servicing and supplying the office equipment industry since February 1990.


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